Make business renewal systematic and measurable.

We can help to bring focus to your new business development and drive results with data-driven decisions.
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Scale platform value proposition is to facilitate team collaboration, provide project analysis and help organisations to improve their time to market.


Scale is the first platform which enables managing innovation with data. Our approach is based on three main principles:

1. Support for the teams
2. Measure and manage progress with data
3. Do portfolio level decisions based on facts

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    Teams are at the center of innovation and every case is unique. Scale helps teams systematically identify and focus on the evidence that matters for validating their opportunity.

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    Best teams measure their progress. Scale brings these measurements to the team and steering so that everyone involved can see the impact of their decisions and learn.

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    It’s easy to believe that success is just right around the corner. Scale tells you when the hard work the team is doing is not paying off and it’s time to pivot or perish because the current avenue does not show enough evidence.

Proven impact

Don't just take our word for it. We have measured data about the performance of teams and organisations using Scale platform. Here are some of the numbers.

More revenue
Faster go-to-market
Savings per month

Significantly better
time to market

Using Scale teams launch new products faster and earn 2.3x more revenue.

Kill non-performing projects early

Managing your portfolio with data allows you to detect and kill non-performing projects faster. This means savings up to 50k€ / month for our clients.

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