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Scale platform value proposition is to facilitate team collaboration, provide project analysis and help organisations to improve their time to market.

Teams Developing New Business Often Struggle with Focus

Have you or your team struggled with...

A step-by-step approach for building new business

Teams adopting  Scale's platform say:
"We saw an immediate improvement in the team's focus", Senior Business Developer
"We learned where and how to apply best practices in creating a compelling value proposition and validating it.", Service Designer
"We were able to see and communicate progress and the plan forward", Project manager

A data driven way to steer and support a portfolio of teams

Organizations with multiple teams using Scale enjoy:
Gaining an overview of the investment portfolio, tracking the maturity and progress of projects
The ability to make informed investment decisions on new products / services
Noticing when projects may be getting stuck and providing timely support and guidance

10 Companies.
One Game-Changing Opportunity.

We have opened the opportunity to sign up to the next Pilot Program, where you can gain the full benefits of Scale's platform. The program is limited to 10 companies and will ne starting in  June 2023.

Here's what you can expect from the program...

The Pilot Program

We offer the pilot program free of charge for a limited number of participating companies.

The program begins in June 2023, with the timeline spanning from June to September 2023.

This schedule is designed to help your teams achieve the best possible results before the vacation season and to ensure they start Autumn 2023 with a solid plan and momentum.

Teams participating in previous pilot programmes reported getting concrete ideas on how to move faster from the 1st deep dive sessions onwards.

You only sign up to the first session, the Easy Onboarding, as a start. You can opt in to continue for the remainder of the program. We are quite sure you will...

Easy Onboarding to Scale (1 hour):

A session to introduce the Scale platform, and use it to find the most critical topics to tackle with your business case. Set plans to focus on the most important issues.

After this 1st session, you can opt in to continue with the program.

Progress Assessment & Coaching sessions :

Three 1-hour assessment sessions for your team(s), assessing progress and pinch points, identifying opportunities for new tactics and best practices to overcome obstacles.

Review of the programme (1 hour):

A wrap-up session to analyze your team's progress and identify areas for growth. Optionally including a summary portfolio view across multiple participating teams.

Program timeline

Lonely exploration illustration
JUNE 2023
Step 1: Easy Onboarding

Get started quickly with a short introduction to the Scale platform. Our seamless onboarding process ensures a smooth transition, allowing your teams to focus on what matters – innovation.

From JUNE 2023
Step 2: Monthly Progress Assessments

Scale provides systematic monthly assessments for your team(s), tracking progress and identifying opportunities for improvement. Stay aligned and informed with regular updates.

feature illustration
Innovation team using Scale platform for data-driven innovation management.
From JUNE 2023
Step 3: Personalized Coaching and Expert Guidance

Scale platform delivers personalized coaching for your innovation projects, sharing best practices to drive success.

Our expert team actively works alongside you, offering guidance to help you maximize the value you get from the Scale platform.

September 2023
Step 4: Review of the programme

We analyze your project's performance, help you to identify areas for growth, and drive long-term success and impact for your organization.

Scale also delivers comprehensive insights reports, empowering decision-making and enabling better support for your teams.

dashboard illustration

Sign up for the pilot now!

Limited spots available - 10 companies only.
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Hear what our clients say

Our clients trust Scale to measure and manage their innovation and new business development efforts with data, resulting in a consistently high satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of 5. Here's what some of our clients have to say about their experience.

Based on our experiences with Scale we definitely want to expand use of the solution after the pilot. Our plan is to onboard more teams and continue to support the initiatives all the way from idea to scalable business.

Head of Innovation

Logistics Industry

A solution like Scale is essential for transparently communicating new business progress across the organization. It's just what we needed!

Head of New Solutions

Energy Industry

The best thing about Scale is that it makes a variety of innovation projects comparable, allowing us to see the bigger picture and make better decisions.

Director of Innovation

Manufacturing Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scale's Pilot Program?

The Scale Pilot Program is a 3-month trial of our data-driven innovation management platform. It is designed to help organizations measure and manage their innovation efforts, providing personalized coaching and valuable insights for innovation and leadership teams.

In this pilot we will onboard 1 - 4 teams from your organization to use the platform. By the end of the program, you can expect to have a better understanding of your new business development / innovation process, as well as receive actionable insights and guidance to improve your innovation strategy and drive better results.

Who is the Pilot Program for?

The Pilot Program is designed for teams developing new business ideas, B2B leaders and innovators, including C-level executives and leadership teams, in companies with 200 to 10,000 employees.

What are the benefits of participating in the Pilot Program?

Participating in the Pilot Program provides valuable data-driven insights into your innovation processes, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation. You'll also receive personalized coaching from our expert team, helping you to maximize the potential of the Scale platform and improve the return of you innovation investment.

What is included in the Pilot Program?

Participants in the Pilot Program will receive a short introduction to using the tool, monthly progress assessments, project team coaching, and an insights report walk-through.

Who exactly needs to be participating?

The Pilot Program is designed to be simple and seamless for your organization, requiring only a minimum effort for each part of the program. Required persons to be participating are the project/team leads and key decision-maker(s). Here is a more detailed breakdown:

Kickoff meeting (1 hour):
The project leads and a key decision-maker should attend the kickoff meeting to ensure a shared understanding of the Scale platform, and expectations for the pilot.

Monthly assessments (3 hours in total):
The project lead, relevant members of the core team, and extended team (if required) should be present for the monthly assessments to review progress, discuss challenges, and receive guidance on next steps.

Performance report review meeting (1 hour):
A key decision-maker and other stakeholders can participate in the review meeting to discuss the insights and outcomes from the pilot, as well as plan for potential next steps.

By engaging these individuals, you can ensure a smooth process and gain the most value from the Scale platform without adding complexity or burden to your team.

What kind of insights will I get from the platform?

The Scale platform provides data-driven insights, metrics, and recommendations for both innovation teams and leadership. You'll gain a clear understanding of your current status, insights into how your projects are progressing, which areas your teams are struggling with, and recommendations on how to improve innovation activity performance.

What is required from us to participate in the Pilot Program?

Participating in the Pilot Program is designed to require minimum effort from your side. The only requirements are arranging a kickoff meeting and scheduling monthly 1-hour assessments for the participating teams. No preparation is needed on your part, as our team will take care of all the content for you, ensuring you get to focus on running your business.

Do we need to change or adopt any new processes?

No. To get started with Scale you don't need to change anything. Scale integrates completely into your current processes and ways of working. Using Scale helps you to understand how your current approach is performing and then how to start making improvements based on the insights provided by the platform.

How long is the Pilot Program?

The Pilot Program lasts for 3 months. During this time, you'll have full access to our innovation management platform and receive coaching and insights from our team.

What does it cost?

The Pilot Program is free for the 10 selected companies (regular price: 9,500€).
After the pilot, you will get to choose whether you want to subscribe to our paid plan.

Where is the catch? Why is the Pilot Program free of charge?

We offer the Pilot Program free of charge because our main goal is to help organizations experience the value of data-driven innovation management. By providing the program at no cost, we can support more businesses in their innovation efforts. The only thing we ask from you is feedback and improvement ideas to help us make the platform even better. This collaborative approach allows us to refine our product continuously and ensures we stay up-to-date and relevant, benefiting both our clients and our own growth.

How do I apply for the Pilot Program?

To sign up for the Pilot Program, click on the "Sign-up for the Pilot Program Now" button on this page and fill out the sign-up form. We'll get back to you to book a quick call to set up you up for the program.

Sing up for the pilot now!

Limited spots available - 10 companies only.
By subscribing you agree to our Privacy Policy.
Thank you for your application! We will contact you shortly!
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